Our Stakeholders

In the last 30 years, Melam Foundation has grown from a few patients meeting to a community engagement program

Our stakeholders have been actively taking part in recommending/selecting patients for medical treatment. Here is an overview of their involvement:

1. Our patients

Till date over 1 lakh 54 thousand patients have availed medical assistance from Melam Foundation. Patients come from nook and corner of Kerala and its neighbouring States for financial aid.

2. People's Representatives- MLA's and MP's

The patients who require financial assistance have to mandatorily get their application form attested from MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) and MP (Member of Parliament) of their respective constituency. Till date, 138 out of 140 MLAs and 45 MPs have participated in this process.
List Of MLA's/ MP's

3. Doctors

Around 1500 doctors have participated in the diagnosis and treatment of the patients. The patient's doctor is also required to attest and write a brief detail about the treatment recommended in the application form. The patient is given the freedom to choose any hospital of his/ her choice to avail treatment.
List Of Doctors

4. Hospitals

The hospital authorities directly send the medical bills/ invoices to Melam Foundation. Melam Foundation settles the invoice within a period of 30 days. We have a strong network of over 1025 hospitals.
List Of Hospitals